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Where We Are


320 South Market Ave - 2nd Flr
Bolivar, MO 65613
(816) 666-5330

Hours of Operation: 8am-6pm Mon; 8am-4:30pm Tues & Wed

Philosophy: To provide individualized care needed to address the identified needs and goals of consumers.

We serve adult men and women of the City of Bolivar.

Programs available: CSTAR Outpatient Substance Use Treatment

CSTAR SERVICES: Individualized Counseling, Group Counseling, Group Education, Community Support, Peer Support, Family Support, Medication Treatment, Diagnosis, Assessments, Treatment Planning, and more.

Evidence Based Services: Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), Living in Balance, and The Matrix Model

This program is funded by Department of Mental Health and Self-Pay. A sliding fee scale is available for those who qualify for financial assistance.

Referrals: The Division of Probation and Parole

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