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Where We Are

Springfield, S. Campbell

South Campbell Outpatient Clinic
5337 S. Campbell, STE F
Springfield, MO 65810
(417) 883-7227

About: We maintain a staff of certified and fully licensed helping professionals working to provide the assistance to our clients needs. Our staff have many years of experience working with and caring for individuals from varying socio-economic classes, cultures and backgrounds. We are here to provide counseling and education to people from all walks of life in Springfield, Missouri and surrounding areas.

Programs available: SATOP Screenings, DWI Evaluations, Outpatient Treatment Programs, Drug Education Program (DEP), Minor Awareness Program (AMAP), SAP/DOT Drug Testing Evaluation, Professional Counseling, Alert & Alive Courses, Pre-Sentence Investigations Reports (PSI), Suppling Alcohol to Minors (SAM) Class, ADAPT Counseling for People Under 21, Medical Marijuana Education (MMEP) Program and Victims Impact Panel (VIP).

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