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What We Do

Court Services

One of the most successful approaches in assisting individuals whose substance use disorder has progressed to involvement in the legal system is the drug court model. A key component of this model is integration of treatment and the justice system, with judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys and treatment professionals working as a team to assist participants in overcoming their struggle with substance use. Court treatment services are offered in Jackson County and Green County for adults as referred by the respective treatment courts. These services are funded by COMBAT (Community Backed Anti-drug Tax) and the Office of State Court Administrators (OSCA).

Additional Court Mandated Services:


Heartland Center also provides services to people referred by local municipal and circuit courts. These services include:

  • Supervised Private Probation

  • Driver Improvement Program (with point waiver)

  • Drug Awareness Class (8 hours)

  • Shoplifting Diversion (4 hours)

  • Anger Control/Domestic Violence (12 weeks)

  • Individual Evaluations and Counseling

  • Victim Impact Panel

  • Urinalysis Testing

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