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What We Do

Withdrawal Management Program

Heartland Center’s Withdrawal Management (WM) Program is a stand-alone inpatient facility in Kansas City for individuals who are experiencing acute withdrawal from alcohol and/or other drugs and who require medical monitoring to ease the discomfort of withdrawal.

Detoxification is the first step
to a life free of substances.


Heartland Center’s WM Program features:

  • 24-hour inpatient medical monitoring and support

  • Compassionate care by licensed and experienced physicians and nurses

  • Comfortable, residential setting

  • Individual counseling

  • Transition planning

  • Immediate admission – call us anytime at 866-242-6670, ext. 1215

The length of stay varies according to the needs of each individual but typically lasts five days.

Why Withdrawal Management Is Important


The sudden removal of alcohol or drugs from the system of someone who is physically dependent produces either an abstinence or withdrawal syndrome. The abstinence syndrome for each drug follows a predictable time course and has predictable signs and symptoms – usually the reverse of the direct pharmacological effects of the drug. Some clients’ potential for a withdrawal symptom is so severe that medical monitoring is necessary to avoid potentially hazardous consequences, including severe injury, medical complications or even death.

Individuals who are admitted to the Heartland Center WM Program experience detoxification in a comfortable, medically-monitored residential environment. All services are provided by licensed medical professionals. Our physician/APRN staff visit the unit daily to ensure each client is safely progressing through the withdrawal process. Licensed nursing staff provide care 24 hours, daily.

Arrange for an immediate admission by contacting us at 866-242-6670, ext. 1215

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