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Cortney's Story

For Cortney her road to Heartland Center for Behavioral Change began when she was 16 years old and was prescribed hydrocodone. As we have seen all across America Cortney was prescribed an endless amount of opiate medication and her prescription was a mistake that had a huge cost.  It wasn’t just opiates, after time Cortney was using cocaine, marijuana, and drinking alcohol too.

“Every morning I would wake up and think about if I had drugs I could take and if I didn’t I would think- How am I going to get some?”

After being charged with possession Cortney found herself on probation and landed in the Jackson County Drug Court.  A program where the courts address the needs of people who have come under criminal justice supervision due to substance use problems and refer them to treatment. When reflecting on the start of her treatment Cortney stated,

“I was nervous, I knew I had to get clean, but I also knew that everything in my life was going to change.”


Cortney began drug court treatment this past December and started Suboxone, as one of the Medication Treatment Services HCBC has to offer. Now with help from MTS she is able to sleep, wake up early, get her daughter ready for the day and feel good.


"When I was using I had attempted suicide, twice. Now that I am clean I have a clear mind, I’m not depressed anymore and I don’t have any cravings. When I first started my Suboxone within two hours of the first dose I was no longer in withdrawal, the shakes stopped, I wasn’t anxious, and I was able to walk around and feel normal. I was surprised.”


Cortney continues to attend group education and group counseling, she also has case management assistance, and meets with her counselor bi-weekly.


“I really enjoy my counseling sessions with my counselor - whenever I am having a bad day I know I can call her and she will help me get through it. I also feel relieved, like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I am only 22 so it gives me hope. I know I can put my addiction in the past and build myself and my daughter a future.”


We know you can too Cortney.

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