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Matthew's Story


Matthew began his journey to Heartland Center for Behavioral Change when he was 22 years old. As a result of a foot and knee injury, he was prescribed pain medication which quickly took over his life. One injury caused havoc for over a decade of his life and will forever affect his future. Fortunately, he found hope and help at HCBC detox and outpatient services.

As time went on, Matthew grew deeper in debt as he struggled to pay for the continual and increasing need for drugs. Although he was steadily employed, his relationships and family life were spiraling downward. He was headed for a life-changing crisis.

“One day, my wife told me if I didn’t get help that she was done. That was my turning point.”

Matthew took initiative and checked himself into HCBC’s medically-monitored detox unit where he resided for five days in a safe and controlled environment. An important part of his treatment was the medication Suboxone which is prescribed to treat opioid addiction and relieve symptoms of withdrawal.

Upon discharge, he knew “I really can live my life without substances.”

Matthew immediately enrolled in outpatient services at HCBC’s Springfield program. He spent over 13 months participating in individual counseling sessions, group counseling/education, community support services, medication treatment services, and more support services offered to him.

As he gained strength through the recovery process, Matthew was assigned a counselor, Jack Sampson, who provided guidance and support. Matthew states, “Jack is awesome. He understood where I was coming from. He has helped so much.”

Matthew’s goals for the future are now within reach. He wants to have a house and build a good relationship with his wife and family. After graduating from treatment, he looks forward to becoming a part of HCBC’s alumni group and helping others entering treatment.

To anyone who is thinking about getting help for addiction, Matthew says, “Give it a try, even if your head wants to say ‘no,’ your heart wants to say ‘yes.’"

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