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What We Do

Recognized as one of Kansas City's 10 Best Rehab Facilities for 2020 By HELP.ORG


HELP.ORG is an organization providing empowering,

evidence-based information for those struggling

with substance use disorders and addiction. Their

data has highlighted HCBC for providing our clients

with a level of care that far exceeds generally

accepted care standards. 
Based on conversations had with addiction experts across the US, the vast majority of people who need treatment for substance abuse do not seek it. We recognize there are many barriers that discourage people from getting the help they need and finding a reputable provider is a significant factor. 


HELP.ORG has spent the last 12 months analyzing key care quality metrics, such as the services provided, treatment approaches, costs, and most importantly, patient reviews. 

See the full article on their website at

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